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Jenira Suitcase

Escalators and elevators are rare in many parts of the world. The unique Jenira suitcase makes climbing stairs a breeze.


Your Jenira suitcase gives you the freedom to go where you want to go. No restrictions. No hassle. No worries. Your Jenira suitcase keeps up with you and your travel choices.​


The Jenira System is integrated into your suitcase. It's available whenever and wherever you want. No need for elevators, escalators or strong traveling companions.

Swiss Quality

Designed and tested in Switzerland to our high standards. Developed by a Swiss engineering and design team. It works, period.


The Jenira suitcase is not (yet!) available for sale.  Patents have been filed for the system.  It is a prototype and not currently in production.  


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We believe you should have the freedom to choose where you want to go.

That you shouldn't have to restrict your travel options to hotels with elevators.

That you shouldn't have to backpack just in case the escalator isn't working.

That you should have the option of taking public transportation.

We believe in independent and self-reliant travelers, regardless of age, stage, physical ability or gender. 

We believe in luggage that can keep up with you.

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Passionate about making travel easier

Frustrated at often not being able to find a working elevator on their travels, and tired of having to lug bags up multiple sets of stairs, Jennifer and Neera set out to solve the problem.

Each born on a different continent and now living in a third, the two women bring hundreds of thousands of miles of travel experience to Jenira.


​Jenira is looking for partners so that travelers everywhere can rediscover the freedom to travel wherever they may want to go.

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